How to Make your Wall Bulletproof

Nowadays, due to current events and awareness of potential security threats, more and more people are looking to make their facility as safe and secure as bulletproof as possible. Today’s hospitals, schools, and government buildings are some of the many facilities that are constantly under the threat of acts of robbery, theft or violence. Therefore these are run towards the bulletproof wall solution most commonly. Many other sectors and industries could benefit from reinforcing facilities and providing added protection in case of attack. Here are some lists of how to make your wall bulletproof.

What is meant by Bulletproof?

Many materials and products are claimed to be bulletproof. It is nearly impossible to make a structure that is a completely secure form of ammunition. The purpose of bulletproof resistance ratings is to give a full and common understanding of what each structure can and cannot protect against. Bulletproof wall construction is the safest and most affordable, and efficient protection solution.  

The need to Bulletproof:

If you live in the countryside, you probably don’t get many unwanted visitors. So bulletproofing your overall home might be pretty low on your list. Investing the resources and time to bulletproof fabrication for your home makes a real-life difference. Even if your town has a low crime rate, you never know when someone will go on a rampage through the neighbourhood. Ultimately spending money and time on your home with bulletproof materials is better than losing a loved person at the hands of any violent situation.

What makes a material Bulletproof?

Bulletproof materials are increasing in popularity among non-law enforcement because of their ability to save people’s lives. When most people think of something bulletproof, they will often think of thick steel walls, not fibres and fabrics. In reality, many different materials are there with their own benefits.

Bulletproof Glass:

This is usually made from layers of hard and soft glass. The soft glass provides a decent amount of elasticity, giving the window the ability to flex instead of shattering on impact. Meanwhile, the hard glass offers more stopping power against a bullet. The bulletproof glass is quite a bit in thickness, depending on what it is being used for. These thicknesses will change based on the precise type of glass laminate that is being used. This has the additional benefit of reducing the ricochet, which can be used as dangerous as a direct shot.

Bulletproofing Walls:

When it comes to protecting your home against any dangerous attack, you have some options.

Cinderblock, poured concrete and brick:

These are not truly bulletproof because they won’t withstand the impact of high weapons. But they offer the best amount of bullet resistance, particularly against small rounds. This material tends to be affordable, which is why people use them to reinforce the home’s structure externally.

Bottom Line:

Finally, protecting your home and your family from a critical situation is very hard. Bulletproofing your walls can make a huge difference in that dangerous situation. This is the above-explained information about how to make your wall bulletproof.

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